Many years of industry experience Larch is serving with the help of powerful tool RUBinv ERP Solution, Larch realize the competitive challenges meets manufacturers on daily basis.

Understanding of Manufacturer
Larch has find out the issues and produce the constant enhancements through its all functional level. Streamlining is not the easy process for manufacturer it depends product. RUBinv given unique features and designed tools to make over the manufacturer facilities

RUBinv provides a implement of powerful designed tool address the unique needs of manufacturing requirements
  • Unique Barcode Labeling system
  • Incoming Quality Check (IQC) / Outgoing Quality Check (OQC)
  • Production Monitoring system
  • Bill of Materials
  • In-House / Customer Rejection
  • Delivery and Warehouse Management
  • Powerful Dashboard

As a long-term goal, Larch has research a deep extensive knowledge of Manufacturing Industry. Study about the standards and process automation are the only focus to provide service the companies. Using above technology Larch always deliver the results. RUBinv meets many competitive challenges to go ahead in the global market.

Other Services