Manufacturing ERP Software application provides an integrated view of core business processes and facilitates information flow between all business functions and manages connections to the outside stakeholders. Now a day enterprises are required keen to watch the every movement of business process and do the decision making to hold competitive position in the market. Organization should keep internal business process smoothly which supports upper level management by providing information. Company creates a new agile process to development to avoid older one among the present processes.

Barcode Inventory

 Unique QRCode Labelling

 Rack Optimization

 Batch or Lot Assigning

 FIFO / Hold and Release

 Shortage / Excess Alerts

 Self Life / Expiry Stock

 WIP / Quality Check

 Quarantine / Scrap stock


 Physical Stock Audit

 Ageing Stock Report

 RM Inventory Cost

Production Planning and Control

 Bill of Material

 Production Plan

 Work Order

 Pick List or Reservation Slip

 Rejection Entry

 Efficency(Machine & Operator)


Sales & Distribution

 eInvoicing & eWayBill

 Sales Order

 Delivery Schedule

 FG Inventory Cost

 Sales Plan & Result

 Delivery Challan

 Sales Return

 Sales Price History

 Export Currency Exchange


 PPC Requirement

 Indent or Puchase Request

 Purchase Order

 GRN based Batch Processing

 Quantity Verification

 Gate Entry

 Purchase Return

 Purchase Price History

 Import Currency Exchange


 Incoming Inspection

 Process Inspection

 PDI (Pre Delivery Inspection)




 Customer Rejection

Mold Maintenance

 Mold Mapping

 Mold Shot / Impression count

 Mold History

 Mold Tracking

Plant Maintenance

 Machine Work Request

 Breakdown and Idle Indication

 Spare Changes and History

 Preventive & Predective Check

 Schedule and Work Sheet

Supplier Portal

 Purchase Order View

 ASN and Barcode Labeling

 Supplier Stock

 Delivery Schedule View