Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provides an integrated view of core business processes and facilitates information flow between all business functions and manages connections to the outside stakeholders. Now a day enterprises are required keen to watch the every movement of business process and do the decision making to hold competitive position in the market. Organization should keep internal business process smoothly which supports upper level management by providing information. Company creates a new agile process to development to avoid older one among the present processes.
Finance & Accounting
  • General Accounting
  • Payables & Receivables
  • Assets Management
  • Financial & Fund Management
  • Planning
  • Production & Scheduling
  • Work Order
  • Production & Costing
  • Invoicing
  • Sales Order
  • Delivery Schedule
  • Costing Analysis
  • Material Requirement
  • Warehouse Management
  • Stock Analysis
  • Planning
  • Purchase Order
  • GRN
  • Inspection Standard
  • Sampling Plans
  • Acceptance & Rejection Analysis
Other Services